IP Solutions BTP research can provide a wide range of FPGA IP Solutions. Our proved techology covers different fields: o Ethernet module as MAC/Classifier/QoS/1588/SyncE (FE, 1G or 10G)  o SDH/SONET for mapping/demapping,  pointer processor and VCAT, at any VC level  o PDH for frame/deframe and dejitter  o Different memory as ZBT/SD/I2C  o Different comms as Uart/SPI/1-wire   o DPLL  first order and second order at any bandwidth, w/o  holdover and FIFO autocentering  Each IP comes with its demo board and with a complete set  of API and SW drivers. We also provide a complete user  manual, memory map, test results and measures.  We also offer support for debugging and setting up cards,  from FPGA IP and FW points of view. We can arrange different business models for this kind of  product. We can provide only the Netlist for one project/one  socket, or we can provide also the source code with an open  mind to discuss different approaches for the intellectual  property (fixed cost or based on royalty).  © 2011-2014  BTP research All rights reserved PRIVACY LOG IN “inspiring partners             for  finding solutions”                     THE COMPANY OUR SERVICES OUR GROUP Power Our capability RF design OUR SERVICES  IP Solutions FW/SW Hardware design FPGA design  DISCLAIMER EMAIL FROM/TO