FPGA Design The know-how of Asic and FPGA design covers many application fields: implementation of SDH/ATM and  packet technologies, realization of FPGAs that can manage tens of Giga of traffic, implementation of digital  circuitry for RF/wireless solutions, transport of different protocols on emerging tecnology as CES/SATOP or  GFP. The team has a proven and long term experience in FPGA design with the main device vendors (Altera,  Lattice, Xilinx), knowledge of the main software development tools and design work flows and mainly it has  the capability to deal with all issues related to the introduction of the  latest technologies, to define the system level functional and  behavioural specifications, not limited to the pure hardware  implementation aspects.  The FPGA design is fully integrated with the hardware and RF design,  giving to the card design process a specific analysis and syntesis  capability in order to  determine the best  solution, in compliance  with the target costs,  the foreseen time to  market and the flexibility and modularity expectations.   The team has also the capability to perform board simulation  for verification of schematics. The FPGA design is also supported  for test and verification by  the FW team. © 2011-2014  BTP research All rights reserved PRIVACY LOG IN “inspiring partners             for  finding solutions”                     THE COMPANY OUR SERVICES OUR GROUP Power Our capability RF design OUR SERVICES  IP Solutions FW/SW Hardware design FPGA design  DISCLAIMER EMAIL FROM/TO